Dress the part

Simple is best, it’s a good idea to stay away from crazy patterns and don’t be afraid of colour, bold colours can look excellent. Wear something you feel good in.

Go easy on the makeup

Remember this is a headshot not a fashion campaign. It’s best to look fresh faced and natural. If you’re getting your makeup done by a professional emphasise “less is more.”

Bring a hairbrush

It’s always good to bring a hairbrush so you can give your hair a quick once-over. Bald people excepted.

Be yourself

It’s easy to scroll through all our example images and find someone to copy. Don’t. Instead choose the background you like best, wear your favourite outfit…the one you always feel good in and smile. This headshot is about you.


We know you hate having your photo taken but try not to stress about it. We promise it won’t hurt.